Maxim Vengerov interview November 2016

Maxim Vengerov Interview 24th November 2016 

Olaf:  One of the things that I am doing is to interview artists like you to support the local string community.  I think having people of your level of playing here is so inspiring and can help musicians move forward.

Maxim:  I am happy to be here for the artist in residency.  It is a joy to work with the orchestra and also being a soloist and giving a recital. There are a lot of lovely activities.

The Journey

Olaf: What inspired you to take up the violin in the first place?

Maxim:  I was growing up in Siberia and my life was basically music.  My mother was a choir conductor and my father worked as an oboist in the philharmonic orchestra, so I was shifted from one rehearsal to the other.  I was thrown from two musical fronts, and for me I knew nothing better than music, which is great and I was very lucky. So, I watched the orchestra, watched the conductor, and basically my future was predestined.

My first violin was very tiny, 32 size, which is the smallest you can find… I was exactly 4 years and 8 month.

At this early stage, just one month makes a big difference. By by the age of 5 I was already
playing concerts, so in four or five months I learnt quite a lot and worked quite hard, compared to the way kids learn today… you know.

I’m not like Mozart….a child prodigy… So in my family the standards were raised already very high, and they supported me all throughout, they worked with me.

I am very very lucky because I have most fantastic teachers.  My first one a Russian lady, the second was professor Bron, both from Novosibirsk.  I also went to study with her in Lubeck, Germany her for another couple of years.

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2 Cellos Luka Sulic and Stjepan Hauser interview May 2014

Luka Sulic and Stepjan Hauser interview May 2014

Olaf: What inspired you to take up the cello?- at what age?

Luka and Stepjan: Cello has such a warm, beautiful, tender and intimate sound, closest to the human voice and as soon as we heard it we knew that is the only instrument we want to play!

Olaf: Who were your Heroes?

Luka and Stepjan: In the high school when we became obsessed with the cello we started to listen all this cello masters, I (Stjepan) was influenced by Rostropovich and Du Pre, later on by great Russian cellist Daniil Shafran. During studies we started to listen more and more other instrumentalists as well as the other kinds of music. Luka was greatly influenced by great violin masters like David Oistrakh and Jasha Heifetz. At some point he even wanted to switch to violin.

Olaf: They say that you were an overnightLuka Sulic and Stjepan Hauser sensation… but how much work did it really take to become an “Overnight Sensation”?

Luka and Stepjan: There was enormous amount of sacrifice. We use to practice sometimes 12 hours a day for years and years and completely gave up our childhood. Being a top cellist is like being a top sportsmen and you really have to dedicate your life to it.

What do you think was the reason that you are as successful as you are?

Luka and Stepjan: Well, we are trying to do something that is exciting, powerful and attractive and our aim is to attract as many kids as possible to this great instrument. We put our whole soul, heart and passion into playing and people recognize and appreciate that!
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