About Us

Olaf Grawert is an Expert Violin Maker and Restorer, working from his violin shop in Brisbane, Australia. He created The Violin Studio as a place to help devoted String Players reach their best potential.

Olaf uses the most up to date restoration techniques that will always seek to preserve as much of the original as possible.  He keeps informed in the latest techniques, so he can do the work in the best possible way for the instrument, and the musician.

At The Violin Studio Olaf produces and modifies violins, violas and cellos that have tonal qualities required for performance at the highest level. This is archived by combine the age-old tradition of Lutherie with new studies into the acoustics of the string family (using research by the Grawert Family and some famous German violin makers). This research has enabled him to use some of the same techniques that were used by the famous 17th and 18th Century Italian Masters with great tonal results.

Since a very young age, Olaf spent a lot of time in his fathers violin shop, first in Hamburg, and later in Rotenburg (Wümme), Germany. When he was 8, he began learning the violin under Toscho Matov, a second generation Leopold Auer Student. It was a rigorous and disciplined training and it taught him a lot about the importance of a good posture.

In 1980 his whole family migrated to Australia, settling in Brisbane. After finishing high school in 1985, he started learning Violinmaking from his father, Master Violin maker Helge Grawert (German Master Degree in Violinmaking 1968). Olaf completed his training and later went into partnership with Helge until 1994. In 1990 he received a Queen Elizabeth II Scholarship to further his training and went to Geigenbau Machold in Germany to study the latest restoration techniques of fine instruments. It was a wonderful experience which he still treasures.  He worked with some of the worlds finest violin restorers and got to see and work on many rare antique Instruments.

In Australia, Olaf is well known for restorations he has performed on valuable old Instruments.  He loves the challenge of restoring instruments in any condition so that you cannot see a single repair.  He also loves to spend time perfecting the sound of an Instrument.

Olaf will always endeavour to find out your needs and set up your instrument to suit your unique playing style and your individual built.  The Violin Studio offers next day Bridges, Soundposts, Bow Rehairs and simple repairs (usually within 24hrs)  Olaf is aware how important your Instrument is to you and looks forward to providing you with the highest standard of quality and service available in Brisbane, Queensland.

The Violin Studio is a ‘by appointment’ violin shop, because there are plenty of walk in shops around and it is important that you get the time you deserve. This way Olaf has time for instrument making, restorations and repairs, and you don’t have to wait.

To come into the Violin Studio in Brisbane, you can make an appointment online, or call on 07 38446090.

Testimonial: Thank you for the Newsletter Olaf and the excellent tips. My violin seems to sound better each time I play it. Thank you once again. Regards from Kathleen