Bows and Accessories


We have a large range of string accessories. I am careful to only stock quality accessories that have been proven over time. Please contact us with your needs and we will be able to provide you with the best quality products.


We stock a large range of Cases- Bam cases, Boebelock cases, TG cases and GEWA cases. I only stock cases that I think protect your instrument well and have good quality and good workmanship.


I handpick every bow that I stock priced over $350. I make sure it has a great action, balance and is not bent the wrong way. I keep Paul Bows, Dörfler Bows, Articul Bows, Coda Bows, Schumann Bows, Hill Bows, and many more. I stock beginner bows through to professional bows over $2,000. The best way to find a bow that suits you is to come in and try them yourself. Every bow is as different as each string player…


Tomastic, Pirastro, Larsen, Jagar, Prim, Addario, Corelli


Wolf and Kun Shoulder rests, Bon Musica, Mach and more, lots of chinrests to suit every player, tailpieces and other fittings.

Rosin: Melos, Hill, Heidesine, Pirastro and much more

Music stands, Dampit, mutes, pick ups and lots more