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It is easy to make an appointment online. Just fill out the form below one working day or more in advance.

At The Violin Studio we like to give you the time that you deserve, that is why we are one of the few Violin shops in Australia to have appointments (this is more common in Europe and the US). If you would like to make an appointment less than 24 hours in advance, please call us on 07 38446090.

Please make sure that the appointment is Monday to Friday. We also have some Saturday Morning appointments. We do that as a service if you can’t make it during the week, but we are not open every Saturday.

I am on holidays from January 5 till January 11, so please make an appointment on or after January 12 if it’s urgent, or if it is not wo urgent from January 17. Thank you for your understanding… I know I love my work, but even violin-makers need a break every now and then.

We are located at 29 Lamington Tce, Dutton Park, QLD

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Please make an appointment during open times. If you have an absolute performance emergency, you can contact me on O438 446 Ø9O (ONLY for emergencies please. This is my private phone) . The normal contact number is 07- 3844 609o