Valuations and Appraisals

So you own a beautiful instrument and don’t know what it is worth? or you know the value, but want to get it insured or sell it?

The best way to do that is to have your instrument valued professionally.

I have worked as a violin maker and restorer since 1986. I worked with many Master violinmakers learning from their experience, as well as getting to see and work on thousands of violins, violas and cellos from the 1500’s to instruments only completed the same year.

Over the years I have gained my own experience about the making styles of different makers from different areas or schools of making. With this experience I can pinpoint the make, area and date of the instruments I see and hear. I have been valuing instruments for over 20 years for professional players, hobby players, students or people that have just had a violin in the family for years.

Usually a valuation takes around 1 hour unless the instrument is more difficult to identify. It is worth making an appointment in advance on my appointment page.

Your instrument is only recognized if it has the right valuation by a reputable maker.