Vivace Viola Outfit


Vivace Viola Outfit

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Are you looking for a good quality instrument under $600?

Up to now anything below $600 could only be described as a toy. Now there is the  Vivace viola and you can be playing on an amazing sounding viola set up like a professional instrument. It is made from quality timbers and produces a beautiful sonorous sound usually associated with violas of much greater value. At the low price of $580 it is well within range for school viola students and beginners. It is a known fact that cheap violas have in the past and still are diminishing the sound quality of school and youth orchestras as well as making playing no fun for young players. Now playing can be fun without the huge outlay. With its fully professional set up the Vivace Viola is an easy instrument to play and a wonderful instrument to listen to. You also get a quality bow a lightweight shaped viola case with pocket for music and rosin, so you can start playing straight away.

Olaf Grawert Master Set-up

At The Violin Studio we make sure that absolutely every instrument that is sold is fully set up and carefully checked before it leaves the shop. I often come across Instruments sold through shops that need to have up to and over $385 of work done just to be playable!! That is a risk not worth taking. Our instruments may cost slightly more than at other music shops, but you get hundreds of dollars extra value and the assurance that each instrument has been set up, played and fully inspected by a fully trained violinmaker.

  • Plane the Fingerboard to a professional standard. This means that you will have a fingerboard that has the same shape as that of most instruments that you will hear in concert halls around the world ($150 value)
  • I will fit a professional quality French or German bridge crafted by a master violin maker with specialized acoustic knowledge to make the instrument sound the best that it can.($110 value)
  • Fit a professional quality soundpost to really bring out the rich tonal qualities. There is a reason that in many languages the soundpost is called the “Soul”. It takes a master to fit and move the soundpost into the right position to really make the instrument sing. ($30-60 value)
  • I always fit the Instruments with great quality strings for that rich sound. they alone cost $65
  • Each peg is carefully refitted to make sure that if is very easy to tune the instrument using the pegs. (Between $30 and $70 value)
  • The tailpiece is checked and refitted to make sure it is in the best acoustical position ($20 value)
  • I check and recheck the string height and spacing to make sure it is absolutely perfect. It is only easy to play the violin when the string height is absolutely right. ($20+ value)
  • I make sure that everything about the bow works well.($20+ value)
  • I always play each instrument and adjust it until I’m so happy with it that I want to keep the violin myself. I always try out the instruments far too long, because they are so much fun to play. This way you can be sure that when your instrument leaves my workshop, everything about it is perfect. (Priceless)


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