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At The Violin Studio we understand the  Acoustics of Stringed Instruments and Apply this knowledge to get your instrument working at is absolute best.

Come in to find out how our unique sound improvement techniques can help you get the most out of your voice… your instrument.

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 Hi Olaf, 

I’ve never heard my violin sound like this.  Thank you so much for doing such a fantastic job…incredible.  I went with mum and dropped by for a chat with my old violin teacher, Sister K…so the fingerboard came off her instrument and she too brought it to you!!!  serendipitous.  thanks,

marina – 20/04/2010 


Greetings Olaf,

Just had a play of my little fiddle.  The sound is much improved, wonderful.  When I lift the bow the sound seems to continue for ever.  Very happy, thanks.

 3/8/2011 – Dave S


Dear Olaf,

Sophie’s violin has arrived home, and is looking (and sounding) absolutely wonderful! Thank you so much for all you’ve done. It is exciting to see the instrument being played again, knowing that it’s future will be making music rather than sit in a box, forgotten and falling apart!

With kindest regards,

Heidi B – 19/03/2011



 Thank you – received the receipt.

 The sound posts have definitely made a difference to the sound of the violins.

 Thank you

 Robyn S – 17/6/2010 


Hello Olaf,

By the way, my son is very happy with the sound and the adjustment done with the finger board which has made his playing easier and sounding a lot better. Thank you for a job well done.

Warm regards,

Melchora – 22/04/2010


Hello Mr Grawert,

Thank you so much for checking my violin and putting on the bridge and tailpiece and all that, it sounds amazing now 🙂

the G and D are noticeably clearer and louder now…and it’s easier to play double stops…the strings used to hurt my fingers  a bit and now it doesn’t…It’s really amazing and easy to play now…thank you very much!!!

I’m thinking of changing for some mellower strings next time (reckon it’s a bit too loud), do you have any suggestions? 🙂

Cindy – 23/02/2013