Teachers and Playing Styles

One thought on “Teachers and Playing Styles

  1. I’m interested in learning to play violin and am looking for an instructor with current availability to take on a student. I am a complete novice with this instrument, though I do have a small amount of music experience having played piano and baritone when I was growing up and, more recently, self-taught myself guitar (in other words, I didn’t use sheet music and developed many bad habits). I am primarily interested in playing classical, though obviously right now I just need to learn the basics. A little more information about myself in case it is useful to you as an instructor: I’m 27, a PhD student at UQ, have already purchased a beginner’s violin setup (the Enrico student plus), and, as noted above, have limited knowledge of music theory and how to read sheet music.

    Kind regards,
    Robert Hoelzle

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