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Violin Shop Brisbane:

Are you looking for a good quality violin, viola or cello? You have come to the right place. When you come to The Violin Studio in Brisbane you will love trying out our extensive range of exceptional quality New and Antique Instruments. I have also made a lot of our best instruments available to buy online if you live too far away to travel to The Violin Studio.

As you walk into the doors of The Violin Studio you can be sure that you will be given the time you or your child deserves to really try instruments, so you can find the one that is your perfect match. Having worked with muscians since 1985 I understand what it takes to find the right instrument. I also understand that your time is valuable, so I work by appointment so you won’t be interupted.

Every instrument is hand selected and set up by violin maker and restorer Olaf Grawert. This means you can be comforted to know that the instrument you are trying is of good quality and has been well made and tested by an expert… now all you need to do is play the instruments and find one that you like.

From student instruments to professional violins, violas and cellos at our violin shop. Our instruments are so well set up that they carry a THREE MONTH SATISFACTION GUARANTEE  on all new instruments and three months free service, clean and polish, adjustments and anything else that needs doing on all instruments from our shop.

Make an appointment to try out our instruments now or Browse our instruments online : Beginner    Intermediate   Advanced and Professional

Why Buy from The Violin Studio, Australia’s expert violin shop?

  1. You will always talk to a real violin Expert (one who could make you an instrument or restore one if you ask, and not just a violin player)
  2. You get better quality, because I pay more attention to every little detail that is important to string players when choosing instruments for the shop.
  3. Being a violin maker as well as player allowed me to carefully choose a small selection of the best Instruments available, this means that the hardest part of your job of finding good quality is done for you.
  4. Most importantly I choose the instruments for sound. They need to have a rich carrying clear tone. Of course instruments vary in tonal character.. there is always a good number of different instruments you can choose from
  5. Every instrument in the shop has been carefully checked for quality materials and workmanship.
  6. Each instrument has been set up like a top quality professional instrument:
    1. Fingerboard has been planed to a professional standard. This means that you will have a fingerboard that has the same shape as that of most instruments that you will hear in concert halls around the world. This gives you a clear tone.
    2. You get the best sound possible, because each instrument is fitted with a professional quality French or German bridge crafted by a master violin maker with specialized acoustic knowledge to make the instrument sound the best that it can.
    3. Fit a professional quality soundpost to really bring out the rich tonal qualities. There is a reason that in many languages the soundpost is called the “Soul”. It takes a master to fit and move the soundpost into the right position to really make the instrument sing.
    4. I always fit the Instruments with great quality strings for that rich sound.
    5. Each peg is carefully refitted to make sure that if is very easy to tune the instrument using the pegs.
    6. The tailpiece is checked and refitted to make sure it is in the best acoustical position
    7. I check and recheck the string height and spacing to make sure it is absolutely perfect. It is only easy to play the violin when the string height is absolutely right.
    8. I make sure that everything about the bow works well
    9. I always play each instrument and adjust it until I’m so happy with it that I want to keep the violin myself. I always try out the instruments far too long, because they are so much fun to play. This way you can be sure that when your instrument leaves my workshop, everything about it is perfect.
  7. I always offer excellent after sale support & service
Thank you very much  Olaf.
Keegan is absolutely thrilled with his new full size violin.  I would like to thank you for the thought you put into your sales.  Knowing your customers and taking the time  to appreciate what they expect from their instrument.  Keegan has hardly put it down in his spare time.  Practicing for a total of a hour and half  just last night alone.
Once again, thank you
Kind regards,
Keegan’s Mum.

We also have a great range of Strings, Cases, Accessories, Bows


How to choose your perfect instrument:

  1. Work out your budget lower and upper end, so that you get to have a look at instruments that you can afford to buy. (Find out how much you should spend at each level by clicking here)
  2. If you are going to buy your instrument online (under $4500 for violin and viola and under $8000 for cello only), make sure you are dealing with a reputable business that gives you a rock solid money back guarantee.
  3. Beware! This is important: Make sure that the instruments really are set up by a professional violinmaker and restorer, not an untrained amateur (unfortunately this happens in countries like Australia where the violinmaking is unregulated. Even at some very impressive looking “Violinshops”!)
  4. If you are at a violin shop like The Violin Studio, line up all the instruments you are going to try so you can change over quickly. Play a piece or part of a piece that you are really familiar with… play the same piece on every instrument you try.
  5. Try to play something short (using all strings) at first, so you can get an impression of each instrument
  6. You can probably already take a few instruments that you don’t like out of the mix. Once you have established that an instrument is not right, remove it straight away, so it doesn’t confuse you
  7. Keep doing that for a while till you are left with 2 to 4 instruments
  8. Now you can really put the last few instruments through their paces…
  9. Usually there will be one that you really love. Remember that string height and neck thickness can be changed, so if that doesn’t quite feel right, but you love the sound, the Instrument may still be worth looking at.
  10. A great thing to do is to try the instrument in a hall or larger room once you have got one or two instruments you really like.

You can also check out the article on Choosing an Instrument here

Click on the link at the top of the page for the Instrument you are looking for. The beginner and intermediate instrument we have in stock have really been put through their paces right here at The Violin Studio. So you Can be Confident that you will always get great quality!

Make an appointment to try out our instruments now or Browse our instruments online : Beginner    Intermediate   Advanced and Professional