Beginner Instruments

Beginner Instruments with a Beautiful Tone that are easy to play

Vivace Violin outfit $590

Vivace Viola outfit $685

Vivace Cello outfit $2,397

Garibaldi violin outfit $1095.
Garibaldi Viola outfit $1,295

Garibaldi Cello outfit $3,650

Every instrument handpicked for quality and sound by Master violin maker and restorer and not just set up, but optimized in every detail.

Every beginner deserves an Instrument with a good sound

and a professional set-up that won’t hold them back

Why? Because beginners believe that when they learn to play the violin, viola or cello they will be able to make beautiful music…

Unfortunately most beginners will be disappointed, you see… most beginners will go to a professional music shop, believing that they will get a good instrument. The problem is, that most music shops sell something that I would call a VSA (Violin Shaped Object) or a toy, because they are not trained violinmakers and restorers. Yes, they sell the instrument in good faith, thinking that they have a good product, but most of the instruments they sell are unplayable.

The way most beginner instruments come out of the manufacturers, they really are unplayable…. They have horrible steel strings that sound like a cheap steel guitar. The strings are so high of the fingerboard that it hurts a beginners fingers. The strings are impossible to tune, the bridge is made from timber that I would use for firewood and the soundpost (in some languages called the “Soul” of the instrument is in the wrong place)… all in all a cigar box with a good set up and stings would probably sound better.

What can you do to make sure you don’t end up with one of those instruments?

The only way is to make sure that you deal with an expert, who knows how to choose a good instrument to sell and to set it up the same way they would set up a professional instrument.


Tobie’s violin arrived in Melbourne last Wednesday and Tobie played it for the first time this morning. I have never seen her smile so much while playing a scale! In fact I didn’t even ask her to play any-she just did. She even played a piece she positively hated because she said the violin made everything better- and considering she hadn’t looked at it for 6 months, it sounded fantastic!

Just to let you know last term Tobie took a break from violin because it was becoming a physical battle for her. She started again this year- a little reluctant because she really struggled with her instrument. Today she delighted in pressing her fingers in to the strings, taking them off, smiling and saying,” look mum it doesn’t hurt”.She had 2 of her friends over today and they played piano and violin- just improvising and trying to teach each other things.Thank you Olaf, Tobie has always loved music and now she has a beatiful instrument which she wants to play, there is no stopping her now.

I will spread the word about your business.

Kindest regards,

Sharlene L.

I grew up learning about violins. At the tender age of 4 I spent countless hours in the small violin making and restoration workshop that my father owned near Hamburg in Germany. My father is a German Master violinmaker with over 55 years of experience. My father understood that a 4 year old’s hearing is far more sensitive than people that are older, and always asked me for my opinion on instruments… That way I learned about judging good tone from a very early age… and to respect the hearing of children…

In 1986, I finished school and decided to continue my passion for stringed instruments. I learned with my father and become a violin maker and restorer myself. It was not easy and took many years. I learned the craft from my father at first and in 1990 I went to Germany, where I got further training with one of the worlds top firms and worked on and restored fine antique instruments often worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. Over the years I have done work for many professionals and students giving me a great insight into finding good quality instruments.

I set up The Violin Studio to truly support string players from the ground up all the way to concert level. Originally I only used to stock instruments above $600(for violins), but due to demand for beginners I decided to sift through the lower end instruments available in Australia to find the best quality instruments that you can find here for their workmanship, sound and materials used.

Not only that, I also set them up like a professional instrument the way only an experienced violinmaker and restorer can.

If you are looking for a large variety of instruments regardless of quality, this is not the place to look for a beginner instrument. I only have one entry point price instrument, because I have looked at what else is out there, and as a violinmaker with 25 years experience, as well as a player, frankly the choice is frustrating… I have seen too many beginners give up in disgust thinking that they don’t have what it takes to become a good string players no knowing that a nice instrument could have made all the difference!! I just find that sad.

All instruments available at The Violin Studio have been thoroughly researched and tested by a professional violinmaker as well as professional string players and teachers.

The Violin Studio has provided my students with beautiful and resonant instruments of excellent quality. My students come in all sizes, and so do their instruments. As I know how crucial it is for beginners to have a good sounding instrument, I must say that I am impressed by the quality of Olaf Grawert’s small violins such as quarter and half size.

Hanna, violin and viola teacher and professional player

I believe our instruments to be the best quality instruments available in Australia in their respective price classes. I get a lot of positive feedback from string teachers.

I have a 3 month 100% money back satisfaction guarantee on all my new instruments, because I want to make sure that if you buy an instrument at The Violin Studio, you really will love it.

So have a look at our beginner instruments and click on the link if you would like to know more. You can also call us and come in to try the instrument if you are in the vicinity of Brisbane (Queensland) Australia. I’m looking forward to hearing your story and finding a great instrument for you.


Vivace Violin outfit $550


Vivace Viola outfit $650

Vivace Cello outfit $2,200

Garibaldi violin outfit $997.50
Garibaldi Viola outfit $1,195

Geberfelder violin outfit $1,275