Johann Geberfeld Master Violin

Are you looking for a better violin that has been set up by a master violin-maker?

The Johann Geberfeld Master violin is made in the tradition of the great German makers of the late 19th century.

The Johann Geberfeld has been individually handcrafted with excellent quality violin wood for The Violin Studio and set up to professional standard by Olaf Grawert in Australia.

I believe that the Johann Geberfeld Master is such good value and quality that I have a no questions asked 30 day satisfaction guarantee. That really does mean, if you are not happy with it for any reason, just send it back.

Johann Geberfeld Master violin outfit $2375.00


  • Top is made from excellent quality spruce in the style of the great German makers of the late 1800’s
  • Back, sides and scroll are made of beautifully flamed Quality Maple
  • Stylish Ebony fittings
  • Metal fine-tuning tailpiece
  • Great Quality traditional finish
  • Excellent Strong rich tone
  • Set up like a professional instrument
  • Evah Pirazzi or Obligato Strings


  • Great quality hand-picked Bow
  • German silver and Ebony fittings
  • Great action
  • Quality hair


  • High quality Oblong Case
  • Pockets for rosin and other items
  • Pocket for music on top
  • Space for 2 bows
  • Hygrometer to keep in touch with Humidity
  • Water resistant cover

*The Violin Studio set-up

  • Plane the Fingerboard to a professional standard. This means that you will have a fingerboard that has the same shape as that of most instruments that you will hear in concert halls around the world
  • I will fit a professional quality French bridge crafted by a master violin maker with specialized acoustic knowledge to make the instrument sound the best that it can.
  • Fit a professional quality soundpost to really bring out the rich tonal qualities. There is a reason that in many languages the soundpost is called the “Soul”. It takes a master to fit and move the soundpost into the right position to really make the instrument sing.
  • I always fit the Instruments with great quality strings for that rich sound.
  • Each peg is carefully refitted to make sure that if is very easy to tune the instrument using the pegs.
  • The tailpiece is checked and refitted to make sure it is in the best acoustical position
  • I check and recheck the string height and spacing to make sure it is absolutely perfect. It is only easy to play the violin when the string height is absolutely right.
  • I always play each instrument and adjust it until I’m so happy with it that I want to keep the violin myself. I always try out the instruments far too long, because they are so much fun to play. This way you can be sure that when your instrument leaves my workshop, everything about it is perfect

Johann Geberfeld Master violin outfit $2375.00

It was great to “discover” The Violin Studio after having moved to Brisbane. I was not truly pleased with the service from other places around town and was impressed with your love of the instrument, the skill that has been passed down through your family and also the way in which you keep your customers abreast of happenings around town by way of your newsletters.

Thanks again,