Pietro Gianotti Master Violin

Now the Beautiful Feel, Sound and Look of the Old handmade Italian Master Violin

can be in your hands for the price of a quality student instrument

A few years ago I was unhappy with the violins available in Australia, so I set out to travel the world and find a violin workshop that could produce a great quality instrument at a good price.

After looking at the work of hundreds of different makers I finally came across one that made beautiful instruments that met my fussy expectations.

It was a violin-maker based in China. There are so many Chinese makers that make average instruments that the really good makers often get overlooked. But quite a few makers there have won International violin-making awards in Europe, the US and Asian countries, so there are definitely makers of quality…

Why China?

I also found some great European makers that made similar quality… BUT THEY WERE  3 TO 4 TIMES THE PRICE FOR EXACTLY THE SAME QUALITY OF WORK AND MATERIALS! That really didn’t seem like good value to me!

This maker I found really takes his art seriously… he would carefully choose timers of great quality and beauty and with the help of other makers hand craft instruments that not only sound great and are easy to play.

The great thing is: They look like a real antique instrument!

  • The Gianotti violin is easier to play, because it has been set up by one of Australia’s top violin experts: It is a known fact that many string players fail because the instrument they are playing has not been set up properly and will not do what they need it to do. This can lead to problems with playing in tune and in extreme cases even RSI! It’s just not worth taking the risk of buying a badly set up instrument.
  • The Pietro Gianotti Master violin was lovingly handcrafted using the best quality materials. Everywhere you look on the violin you see perfection. From the masterly handcrafted scroll to the beautifully antiqued varnish after the style of the great Italian masters

Pietro Gianotti Master violin outfit $4375.00 

  • Once you play your Gianotti violin you will find out why most people can’t make their violin sound good… The Gianotti violin makes a much better sound than most instrument 3 times the price!


Hi Olaf,

Just wanted to thank you for your email and to let you know that my son Josh absolutely lovers his new violin.  What a beautiful sound it makes.

Thank you again for your wonderful attention to detail,quality and service.

Have a wonderful Christmas season.


Krissy K.


  • Impress the other string players in the Orchestra:  The Gianotti is meticulously well copied from the original Guarnerius violin. It is authentically antiqued, which makes it look like a real antique.

Over the years I have seen people make the wrong decision and be stuck with just awful sounding instruments or instrument that needed to have hundreds of Dollars of work done before you could even play them!

When I finally found the maker the Gianotti violin, I could not believe my luck… after looking at the work of literally hundereds of violin-makers, I finally found one that made exceptional quality and beautiful instruments out of great quality timber!

I picked up one of the violins he had and drew a bow across the strings and it just produced the most beautiful rich tone. This is before I even got around to setting it up to my standards, and it was already producing a great tone

When I got back to Australia I got to work on teh instrument and brought every aspect of the up to professional standard and the result was just astounding!

The violin just sang!!

I immediately realized that this would be a perfect instrument for a lot of string players!

I knew I had to do everything in my power to get some more of these instruments back to my Studio in so more people could get to play them… after some negotiations and hick ups I have finally managed to secure some of these violins…

RISK FREE – 100% no questions asked money back guarantee!!

  • The Gianotti violin is easier to play that most other instruments under $10,000… in my opinion this is the best sounding violin under $10,000 for a third of the price

Pietro Gianotti Master violin outfit $4375.00 

  • It will take you to the next level of playing
  • The Pietro Gianotti will allow you to really move ahead

It is made from all the right timbers in the traditional way that has been used since the 16th century in Italy. It uses the old varnish methods and has been antiqued to give you the feel of a real antique Italian instrument.

Quick preview of what you will get:


  • You will get a masterly hand crafted sound optimized Gianotti violin.
  • The instrument will be set up by one of Australia’s leading expert violin makers and restorers who will have:
    • Planed (shaped) the fingerboard to professional standard
    • Fitted a bridge with 20 years or more seasoned wood to a professional standard
    • Fitted the pegs to make tuning really easy
    • Masterfully placed a new soundpost for the best possible sound
    • Evah Pirazzi Strings, which are used by many professionals
    • Checked every component to make the instrument easy to play in our special 20 step check over program.


When I first found this violin it really amazed me. Firstly the unmistakably beautiful finish that just makes it look quite expensive and very special. A lot of people would not be able to tell that it is a new instrument

Pietro Gianotti Master violin outfit $4375.00 


Thank you Olaf ::))

The violin arrived in mint condition. My daughter is very happy.

My husband was doubtful at first, but when he saw your website and the violin he was as pleased and as happy as we all are.

Please continue to keep me on your mailing list.

Kindest regards,

Brenda 🙂