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The instruments we have in our collection are always changing. Please contact us for the complete list of instruments in your price range. You may also like to call us on                07-38446090 to discuss your personal needs.

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Antique Violins over $10,000
Italian violin labelled Odoardy aprox 1730’s Currently undergoing Restoration POA
 Helge Grawert violin  Sold POA
Guy Aubrey Griffin violin  POA
Prague school violin later 1800’s  POA
Sebastian Dallinger violin 1778 3-Advanced Instrument Button  POA
Nürnberg violin late 1700’s Nürnberg button  POA
Bohemian violin from the late 1800’s Prague School Violin  POA
Johann Gotlob Pfretschner violin 1773
Original Label
Currently undergoing Restoration POA
Carolus Maurizi,Bologna, Italy 1920’s Maurici button POA
Carolus Klotz late 1700’s available POA
French violin C 1850 Undergoing Restoration POA
Mittenwald violin late 1700’s Undergoing Restoration POA
Tyrolese violin around 1850’s  Friedel Tirol button Sold

Antique Violins under $10,000

J.B. Colin-Mezin violin 1919  Sold $8,900
Ernst Heinrich Roth violin 1950’s $6,500
Antique German violin $6,400
 Meinl Violin around 1880’s $6,700
Carlo Bergonzi Copy 7/8 Violin 6,200
German around 1890’s
Herman Dölling violin 1920’s $5,500
Antique Violas
Antique German viola 15 1/4 in POA
Antique Cellos
Salomon Paris  Cello made around 1740’s  POA

3-Advanced Instrument Button


We always carry a good range of instruments between $,3000 and $7,000 to find out what we currently have in stock in your price range, please fill out the Contact Form and we will be able to advise you of the instruments that would best suit your needs.